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Latest results of dark matter detection with the DarkSide experiment

Author(s): Picciau, E; Agnes, P; Albuquerque, IFM; Alton, AK; Ave, M; et al

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Abstract: In this contribution the latest results of dark matter direct detection obtained by the DarkSide Collaboration are discussed. New limits on the scattering cross-section between dark matter particles and baryonic matter have been set. The results have been reached using the DarkSide-50 detector, a double-phase Time Projection Chamber (TPC) filled with 40Ar and installed at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS). In 2018, the DarkSide Collaboration has performed three different types of analysis. The so-called high-mass analysis into the range between ∼ 10 GeV and ∼ 1000 GeV is discussed under the hypothesis of scattering between dark matter and Ar nuclei. The low-mass analysis, performed using the same hypothesis, extends the limit down to ∼1.8 GeV. Through a different hypothesis, that predicts dark matter scattering off the electrons inside of the Ar atom, it has been possible to set limits for sub-GeV dark matter masses.
Publication Date: 1-Jun-2020
Electronic Publication Date: 1-Jun-2020
Citation: Picciau, E, Agnes, P, Albuquerque, IFM, Alton, AK, Ave, M, Back, HO, Batignani, G, Biery, K, Bocci, V, Bonfini, G, Bonivento, WM, Bottino, B, Bussino, S, Cadeddu, M, Cadoni, M, Calaprice, F, Caminata, A, Canci, N, Candela, A, Caravati, M, Cariello, M, Carlini, M, Carpinelli, M, Catalanotti, S, Cataudella, V, Cavalcante, P, Cavuoti, S, Chepurnov, A, Cicalò, C, Cocco, AG, Covone, G, D'Angelo, D, Davini, S, de Candia, A, de Cecco, S, de Deo, M, de Filippis, G, de Rosa, G, Derbin, AV, Devoto, A, Di Eusanio, F, D'Incecco, M, Di Pietro, G, Dionisi, C, Downing, M, D'Urso, D, Edkins, E, Empl, A, Fiorillo, G, Fomenko, K, Franco, D, Gabriele, F, Galbiati, C, Ghiano, C, Giagu, S, Giganti, C, Giovanetti, GK, Gorchakov, O, Goretti, AM, Granato, F, Grobov, A, Gromov, M, Guan, M, Guardincerri, Y, Gulino, M, Hackett, BR, Herner, K, Hosseini, B, Hughes, D, Humble, P, Hungerford, EV, Ianni, A, Ianni, A, Ippolito, V, Johnson, TN, Keeter, K, Kendziora, CL, Kochanek, I, Koh, G, Korablev, D, Korga, G, Kubankin, A, Kuss, M, la Commara, M, Lai, M, Li, X, Lissia, M, Longo, G, Machado, AA, Machulin, IN, Mandarano, A, Mapelli, L, Mari, SM, Maricic, J, Martoff, CJ, Messina, A, Meyers, PD, Milincic, R, Monte, A, Morrocchi, M. (2020). Latest results of dark matter detection with the DarkSide experiment. Nuovo Cimento della Societa Italiana di Fisica C, 43 (2-3), 10.1393/ncc/i2020-20026-3
DOI: doi:10.1393/ncc/i2020-20026-3
ISSN: 2037-4909
EISSN: 1826-9885
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Nuovo Cimento della Societa Italiana di Fisica C
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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