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The SHIVA Western Pacific Campaign in Fall 2011

Author(s): Pfeilsticker, Klaus; Dorf, Marcel; Sturges, Bill; Oram, David; Engel, Andreas; et al

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Abstract: This paper briefly summarizes the activities and observations made during the SHIVA (Stratospheric Ozone: Halogen Impacts in a Varying Atmosphere) Western Pacific campaign in fall 2011, here referred to as the SHIVA South China Sea (SCS) campaign. The campaign addressed investigation of emissions of so-called halogenated very short-lived substances (VSLS) from the South China Sea (SCS), their atmospheric transport and transformation, their contribution to the budget of ozone destroying halogens in the stratosphere. Key findings of the SHIVA campaign are that, (a) the SCS is indeed a prominent emission region for halogenated VSLS, mostly due to the emissions of micro- and macro-algae, (b) in the boundary layer of the marine atmosphere typical VSLS mixing ratios were 3.6 - 13.3 ppt and in the upper troposphere 4.1±0.6 ppt, which may well explained a total source gas (SG) and product gas (PG) injection of [VSLS] = 4-5 ppt into the global stratosphere.
Publication Date: 2013
Citation: Pfeilsticker, K., Dorf, M., Sturges, B., Oram, D., Engel, A., Rex, M., Bracher, A., Roozendael, M., Hendrick, F., Theys, N., Krüger, K., Quack, B., Wallace, D., Fueglistaler, S., Pyle, J., Marecal, V., Catoire, V., Pirre, M., Chipperfield, M., Heard, D., Stohl, A., Eckhardt, S., Sinnhuber, B.M., Rozanov, A., Wittrock, F., Schlager, H., Samah, A.A., Phang, S.M., Anton, A., Sentian, J., Lim, P.T., Mujahid, A., Abdullah, N.A., Maznorizan, Mokhtar, N.A.B.H. (2013). The SHIVA Western Pacific campaign in fall 2011. Malaysian Journal of Science, 32 (2013): 141 - 148.
ISSN: 1394-3065
EISSN: 2600-8688
Pages: 141 - 148
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Malaysian Journal of Science
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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