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HATS-4b: A Dense Hot Jupiter Transiting a Super Metal-rich G star

Author(s): Jordán, Andrés; Brahm, Rafael; Bakos, Gaspar Aron; Bayliss, D; Penev, K; et al

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Abstract: We report the discovery by the HATSouth survey of HATS-4b, an extrasolar planet transiting a V = 13 . 46 mag G star. HATS-4b has a period of P ≈ 2 . 5167 days, mass of M p ≈ 1 . 32 M Jup , radius of R p ≈ 1 . 02 R Jup , and density of ρ p = 1 . 55 ± 0 . 16 g cm − 3 ≈ 1 . 24 ρ Jup . The host star has a mass of 1 . 00 M , a radius of 0 . 92 R , and a very high metallicity [Fe / H] = 0 . 43 ± 0 . 08. HATS-4b is among the densest known planets with masses between 1 and 2 M J and is thus likely to have a significant content of heavy elements of the order of 75 M ⊕ . In this paper we present the data reduction, radial velocity measurements, and stellar classification techniques adopted by the HATSouth survey for the CORALIE spectrograph. We also detail a technique for simultaneously estimating v sin i and macroturbulence using high resolution spectra.
Publication Date: Aug-2014
Electronic Publication Date: 26-Jun-2014
Citation: Jordán, Andrés, Brahm, Rafael, Bakos, GÁ, Bayliss, D, Penev, K, Hartman, JD, Zhou, G, Mancini, L, Mohler-Fischer, M, Ciceri, S, Sato, B, Csubry, Z, Rabus, M, Suc, V, Espinoza, N, Bhatti, W, de Val-Borro, M, Buchhave, L, Csák, B, Henning, T, Schmidt, B, Tan, TG, Noyes, RW, Béky, B, Butler, RP, Shectman, S, Crane, J, Thompson, I, Williams, A, Martin, R, Contreras, C, Lázár, J, Papp, I, Sári, P. (2014). HATS-4b: A Dense Hot Jupiter Transiting a Super Metal-rich G star. \aj, 148 (29 - 29. doi:10.1088/0004-6256/148/2/29
DOI: doi:10.1088/0004-6256/148/2/29
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Astronomical Journal
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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