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Observation of a Majorana zero mode in a topologically protected edge channel

Author(s): Jack, Berthold; Xie, Yonglong; Li, Jian; Jeon, Sangjun; Bernevig, Bogdan A.; et al

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Abstract: Superconducting proximity pairing in helical edge modes, such as those of topological insulators, is predicted to provide a unique platform for realizing Majorana zero modes (MZMs). We used scanning tunneling microscopy measurements to probe the influence of proximity-induced superconductivity and magnetism on the helical hinge states of bismuth(111) films grown on a superconducting niobium substrate and decorated with magnetic iron clusters. Consistent with model calculations, our measurements revealed the emergence of a localized MZM at the interface between the superconducting helical edge channel and the iron clusters, with a strong magnetization component along the edge. Our experiments also resolve the MZM’s spin signature, which distinguishes it from trivial in-gap states that may accidentally occur at zero energy in a superconductor.
Publication Date: 28-Jun-2019
Citation: Jack, Berthold, Xie, Yonglong, Li, Jian, Jeon, Sangjun, Bernevig, B Andrei, Yazdani, Ali. (2019). Observation of a Majorana zero mode in a topologically protected edge channel. SCIENCE, 364, 1255+ (1 - 21). doi:10.1126/science.aax1444
DOI: doi:10.1126/science.aax1444
ISSN: 0036-8075
EISSN: 1095-9203
Pages: 1255-1259
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: SCIENCE
Version: Author's manuscript

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