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Real-time detection of solar neutrinos with Borexino

Author(s): Marcocci, S; Agostini, M; Altenmueller, K; Appel, S; Bellini, G; et al

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Abstract: Solar neutrinos have been fundamental in the discovery of neutrino flavor oscillations and are a unique tool to probe the nuclear reactions that fuel the Sun. The Borexino experiment, located in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, is an ultra-pure liquid scintillator detector conceived for the real time spectroscopy of low energy solar neutrinos. Thanks to its unprecedented background levels, Borexino could measure in real time the fluxes of different components of the solar neutrino spectrum, thus probing both solar neutrino oscillations and the Standard Solar Model. We review these fundamental results and also discuss the prospects for the Phase-II of Borexino, which is entering the precision era of solar neutrino measurements.
Publication Date: Jan-2017
Electronic Publication Date: 9-Feb-2017
Citation: Marcocci, S, Agostini, M, Altenmueller, K, Appel, S, Bellini, G, Benziger, J, Bick, D, Bonfini, G, Bravo, D, Caccianiga, B, Calaprice, F, Caminata, A, Carlini, M, Cavalcante, P, Chepurnov, A, D Angelo, D, Davini, S, Derbin, A, Di Noto, L, Drachnev, I, Etenko, A, Fomenko, K, Formozov, A, Franco, D, Gabriele, F, Galbiati, C, Ghiano, C, Giammarchi, M, Goeger-Neff, M, Goretti, A, Gromov, M, Hagner, C, Hungerford, E, Ianni, Aldo, Ianni, Andrea, Jedrzejczak, K, Jeschke, D, Kaiser, M, Kobychev, V, Korablev, D, Korga, G, Kryn, D, Laubenstein, M, Lehnert, B, Litvinovich, E, Lombardi, F, Lombardi, P, Ludhova, L, Lukyanchenko, G, Machulin, I, Manecki, S, Maneschg, W, Meroni, E, Meyer, M, Miramonti, L, Misiaszek, M, Montuschi, M, Mosteiro, P, Muratova, V, Neumair, B, Oberauer, L, Obolensky, M, Ortica, F, Pallavicini, M, Papp, L, Perasso, L, Pocar, A, Ranucci, G, Razeto, A, Re, A, Romani, A, Roncin, R, Rossi, N, Schoenert, S, Semenov, D, Simgen, H, Skorokhvatov, M, Smirnov, O, Sotnikov, A, Sukhotin, S, Suvorov, Y, Tartaglia, R, Testera, G, Thurn, J, Toropova, M, Unziiakov, E, Visiineva, A, Vogelaar, RB, von Feilitzsch, F, Wang, H, Weinz, S, Winter, J, Wojcik, M, Wurm, M, Yokley, Z, Zaimidoroga, O, Zavatarelli, S, Zuber, K, Zuzel, G, (Real-time detection of solar neutrinos with Borexino. NUOVO CIMENTO C-COLLOQUIA AND COMMUNICATIONS IN PHYSICS, 40 (10.1393/ncc/i2017-17058-9
DOI: doi:10.1393/ncc/i2017-17058-9
ISSN: 2037-4909
EISSN: 1826-9885
Pages: 1-6
Type of Material: Journal Article
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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