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A cryogenic rotation stage with a large clear aperture for the half-wave plates in the Spider instrument

Author(s): Bryan, S; Ade, P; Amiri, M; Benton, S; Bihary, R; et al

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Abstract: We describe the cryogenic half-wave plate rotation mechanisms built for and used in SPIDER., a polarization-sensitive balloon-borne telescope array that observed the cosmic microwave background at 95 GHz and 150 GHz during a stratospheric balloon flight from Antarctica in January 2015. The mechanisms operate at liquid helium temperature in flight. A three-point contact design keeps the mechanical bearings relatively small but allows for a large (305 mm) diameter clear aperture. A worm gear driven by a cryogenic stepper motor allows for precise positioning and prevents undesired rotation when the motors are depowered. A custom-built optical encoder system monitors the bearing angle to an absolute accuracy of +/-0.1 degrees. The system performed well in SPIDER. during its successful 16 day flight. (C) 2016 AIP Publishing LLC.
Publication Date: 8-Jan-2016
Electronic Publication Date: Jan-2016
Citation: Bryan, S, Ade, P, Amiri, M, Benton, S, Bihary, R, Bock, J, Bond, JR, Chiang, HC, Contaldi, C, Crill, B, Dore, O, Elder, B, Filippini, J, Fraisse, A, Gambrel, A, Gandilo, N, Gudmundsson, J, Hasselfield, M, Halpern, M, Hilton, G, Holmes, W, Hristov, V, Irwin, K, Jones, W, Kermish, Z, Lawrie, C, MacTavish, C, Mason, P, Megerian, K, Moncelsi, L, Montroy, T, Morford, T, Nagy, J, Netterfield, CB, Padilla, I, Rahlin, AS, Reintsema, C, Riley, DC, Ruhl, J, Runyan, M, Saliwanchik, B, Shariff, J, Soler, J, Trangsrud, A, Tucker, C, Tucker, R, Turner, A, Wen, S, Wiebe, D, Young, E. (2016). A cryogenic rotation stage with a large clear aperture for the half-wave plates in the Spider instrument. REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, 87 (1), 10.1063/1.4939435
DOI: doi:10.1063/1.4939435
ISSN: 0034-6748
Type of Material: Journal Article
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