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X-ray-bright optically faint active galactic nuclei in the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam wide survey

Author(s): Terashima, Yuichi; Suganuma, Makoto; Akiyama, Masayuki; Greene, Jenny E.; Kawaguchi, Toshihiro; et al

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Abstract: We construct a sample of X-ray-bright optically faint active galactic nuclei by combining Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam, XMM-Newton, and infrared source catalogs. Fifty-three Xray sources satisfying i-band magnitude fainter than 23.5 mag and X-ray counts with the EPIC-PN detector larger than 70 are selected from 9.1 deg(2), and their spectral energy distributions (SEDs) and X-ray spectra are analyzed. Forty-four objects with an X-ray to i-band flux ratio F-X/F-i > 10 are classified as extreme X-ray-to-optical flux sources. Spectral energy distributions of 48 among 53 are represented by templates of type 2 AGNs or star-forming galaxies and show the optical signature of stellar emission from host galaxies in the source rest frame. Infrared/optical SEDs indicate a significant contribution of emission from dust to the infrared fluxes, and that the central AGN is dust obscured. The photometric redshifts determined from the SEDs are in the range of 0.6-2.5. The X-ray spectra are fitted by an absorbed power-law model, and the intrinsic absorption column densities are modest (best-fit logN(H) = 20.5-23.5 cm(-2) in most cases). The absorption-corrected X-ray luminosities are in the range of 6 x 10(42)-2 x 10(45) erg s(-1). Twenty objects are classified as type 2 quasars based on X-ray luminsosity and N-H. The optical faintness is explained by a combination of redshifts (mostly z > 1.0), strong dust extinction, and in part a large ratio of dust/gas.
Publication Date: Jan-2018
Electronic Publication Date: 9-Nov-2017
Citation: Terashima, Yuichi, Suganuma, Makoto, Akiyama, Masayuki, Greene, Jenny E, Kawaguchi, Toshihiro, Iwasawa, Kazushi, Nagao, Tohru, Noda, Hirofumi, Toba, Yoshiki, Ueda, Yoshihiro, Yamashita, Takuji. (2018). X-ray-bright optically faint active galactic nuclei in the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam wide survey. PUBLICATIONS OF THE ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN, 70 (10.1093/pasj/psx109
DOI: doi:10.1093/pasj/psx109
ISSN: 0004-6264
EISSN: 2053-051X
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Type of Material: Journal Article
Version: Author's manuscript

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