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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2016Reliable communication over highly connected noisy networksAlon, N; Braverman, Mark; Efremenko, K; Gelles, Ran; Haeupler, B
28-Feb-2017List and unique coding for interactive communication in the presence of adversarial noiseBraverman, Mark; Efremenko, K
17-Dec-2015Near-Optimal Bounds on Bounded-Round Quantum Communication Complexity of DisjointnessBraverman, Mark; Garg, A; Ko, YK; Mao, J; Touchette, D
13-Jun-2014Stability in large matching markets with complementaritiesAshlagi, I; Braverman, Mark; Hassidim, A
2016Interpolating between truthful and non-truthful mechanisms for combinatorial auctionsBraverman, Mark; Mao, J; Weinberg, SM
8-Oct-2014Data-driven decisions for reducing readmissions for heart failure: General methodology and case studyBayati, M; Braverman, Mark; Gillam, M; Mack, KM; Ruiz, G, et al
12-Jan-2014The computational hardness of pricing compound optionsBraverman, Mark; Pasricha, K
1-Nov-2016A Discrepancy Lower Bound for Information ComplexityBraverman, Mark; Weinstein, O
2013Search using queries on indistinguishable itemsBraverman, Mark; Oshri, G
27-Aug-2015Space-Bounded Church-Turing Thesis and Computational Tractability of Closed SystemsBraverman, Mark; Schneider, J; Rojas, C