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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
19-Jun-2016Parallel algorithms for select and partition with noisy comparisonsBraverman, Mark; Mao, J; Weinberg, SM
19-Jun-2016Constant-rate coding for multiparty interactive communication is impossibleBraverman, Mark; Efremenko, K; Gelles, Ran; Haeupler, B
16-Jun-2016Communication lower bounds for statistical estimation problems via a distributed data processing inequality?Braverman, Mark; Garg, A; Ma, T; Nguyen, Huy L.; Woodruff, DP
2-Jun-2016Strategyproof Mechanisms for Competitive Influence in NetworksBorodin, A; Braverman, Mark; Lucier, B; Oren, J
Oct-2017Coding for Interactive Communication Correcting Insertions and DeletionsBraverman, Mark; Gelles, Ran; Mao, J; Ostrovsky, R
2016Information complexity is computableBraverman, Mark; Schneider, J
7-Apr-2016The price of uncertainty in communicationBraverman, Mark; Juba, B
2017LIST and unique coding for interactive communication in the presence of adversarial noiseBraverman, Mark; Efremenko, K
5-Jan-2016Optimal Provision-After-Wait in HealthcareBraverman, Mark; Chen, J; Kannan, S
16-Jan-2017ETH hardness for densest-k-Subgraph with perfect completenessBraverman, Mark; Ko, YK; Rubinstein, A; Weinstein, O