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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2013Scaling IP multicast on datacenter topologiesLi, X; Freedman, Michael J.
14-Feb-2013Languages for software-defined networksFoster, N; Guha, A; Reitblatt, M; Story, A; Freedman, Michael J., et al
2013The NEBULA future internet architectureAnderson, T; Birman, K; Broberg, R; Caesar, M; Comer, D, et al
3-Dec-2015Simple, Scalable Proteomic Imaging for High-Dimensional Profiling of Intact SystemsMurray, E; Cho, JH; Goodwin, D; Ku, T; Swaney, J, et al
17-Sep-2014Neuronal cell types and connectivity: Lessons from the retinaSeung, H. Sebastian; Sümbül, U
23-Jan-2016Analogous Convergence of Sustained and Transient Inputs in Parallel On and Off Pathways for Retinal Motion ComputationGreene, MJ; Kim, JS; Seung, H. Sebastian
21-Jul-2016ZNN - A Fast and Scalable Algorithm for Training 3D Convolutional Networks on Multi-core and Many-Core Shared Memory MachinesZlateski, A; Lee, K; Seung, H. Sebastian
2015Recursive training of 2D-3D convolutional networks for neuronal boundary detectionLee, K; Zlateski, A; Vishwanathan, A; Seung, H. Sebastian
5-Dec-2016Automatic neuron detection in calcium imaging data using convolutional networksApthorpe, NJ; Riordan, AJ; Aguilar, RE; Homann, J; Gu, Y, et al
-Programmable Radio Environments for Smart SpacesWelkie, A; Shangguan, L; Gummeson, J; Hu, W; Jamieson, Kyle A.