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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
12-Nov-2020Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Cycling in the South China Sea From an Isotopic PerspectiveZhang, Run; Wang, Xingchen T; Ren, Haojia; Huang, Jie; Chen, Min; et al
10-Nov-2020Multi-physics adjoint modeling of Earth structure: combining gravimetric, seismic, and geodynamic inversionsReuber, Georg S; Simons, Frederik J
4-Nov-2020Structure of Boron Carbide Under Laser-Based Shock- Compression at 51 GPaGlam, Benny; Tracy, Sally J; Smith, Raymond F; Wicks, June K; Fratanduono, Dayne E; et al
28-Oct-2020Supercooled Southern Ocean WatersHaumann, FA; Moorman, Ruth; Riser, Stephen C; Smedsrud, Lars H; Maksym, Ted; et al
27-Oct-2020Consistency and Challenges in the Ocean Carbon Sink Estimate for the Global Carbon BudgetHauck, Judith; Zeising, Moritz; Le Quéré, Corinne; Gruber, Nicolas; Bakker, Dorothee CE; et al
25-Oct-2020Seismic Structure of the Antarctic Upper Mantle Imaged with Adjoint TomographyLloyd, Allen J; Wiens, Douglas A; Zhu, Hejun; Tromp, Jeroen; Nyblade, Andrew A; et al
23-Oct-2020Seasonal modulation of phytoplankton biomass in the Southern OceanArteaga, Lionel A; Boss, Emmanuel; Behrenfeld, Michael J; Westberry, Toby K; Sarmiento, Jorge L
19-Oct-2020P/Ca in Carbonates as a Proxy for Alkalinity and Phosphate LevelsIngalls, Miquela; Blättler, Clara L; Higgins, John A; Magyar, John S; Eiler, John M; et al
23-Sep-2020Estuarine Forecasts at Daily Weather to Subseasonal Time ScalesRoss, Andrew C; Stock, Charles A; Dixon, Keith W; Friedrichs, Marjorie AM; Hood, Raleigh R; et al
17-Sep-2020Large Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation Distinguishes Nitrogenase-Derived Methane from Other Methane SourcesZhang, Xinning; Luxem, Katja E; Leavitt, William D
12-Sep-2020Large‑scale control on the frequency of tropical cyclones and seeds: a consistent relationship across a hierarchy of global atmospheric modelsHsieh, Tsung-Lin; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Yang, Wenchang; Held, Isaac M; Garner, Stephen T
26-Aug-2020Structural response of α-quartz under plate-impact shock compressionTracy, Sally June; Turneaure, Stefan J; Duffy, Thomas S
25-Aug-2020Linearity of Outgoing Longwave Radiation: From an Atmospheric Column to Global Climate ModelsZhang, Yi; Jeevanjee, Nadir; Fueglistaler, Stephan
20-Aug-2020Nitrite oxidation exceeds reduction and fixed nitrogen loss in anoxic Pacific watersWard, Bess B; Babbin, Andrew R; Buchwald, Carolyn; Morel, François MM; Wankel, Scott D
Aug-2020Ancestral Absence of Electron Transport Chains in Patescibacteria and DPANNBeam, Jacob P; Becraft, Eric D; Brown, Julia M; Schulz, Frederik; Jarett, Jessica K; et al
23-Jul-2020Time of Emergence and Large Ensemble Intercomparison for Ocean Biogeochemical TrendsSchlunegger, Sarah; Rodgers, Keith B; Sarmiento, Jorge L; Ilyina, Tatiana; Dunne, John P; et al
8-Jul-2020The East Asian Subtropical Jet Stream and Atlantic Tropical CyclonesZhang, Wei; Villarini, Gabriele; Vecchi, Gabriel A
6-Jul-2020Impact of volcanic aerosol hemispheric symmetry on Sahel rainfallJacobson, Tess WP; Yang, Wenchang; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Horowitz, Larry W
24-Jun-2020Amplification of the Ocean Carbon Sink During El Niños: Role of Poleward Ekman Transport and Influence on Atmospheric CO2Liao, Enhui; Resplandy, Laure; Liu, Junjie; Bowman, Kevin W
10-Jun-2020Geologic evidence for an icehouse Earth before the Sturtian global glaciationMacLennan, Scott A; Eddy, Michael P; Merschat, Arthur J; Mehra, Akshay K; Crockford, Peter W; et al