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Detectors and cryostat design for the SuMIRe Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS)

Author(s): Gunn, James E.; Carr, Michael; Smee, Stephen A; Orndorff, Joe D; Barkhouser, Robert H; et al

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Abstract: We describe the conceptual design of the camera cryostats, detectors, and detector readout electronics for the SuMIRe Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) being developed for the Subaru telescope. The SuMIRe PFS will consist of four identical spectrographs, each receiving 600 fibers from a 2400 fiber robotic positioner at the prime focus. Each spectrograph will have three channels covering wavelength ranges 3800 angstrom - 6700 angstrom, 6500 angstrom - 10000 angstrom, and 9700 angstrom - 13000 angstrom, with the dispersed light being imaged in each channel by a f/1.10 vacuum Schmidt camera. In the blue and red channels a pair of Hamamatsu 2K x 4K edge-buttable CCDs with 15 um pixels are used to form a 4K x 4K array. For the IR channel, the new Teledyne 4K x 4K, 15 um pixel, mercury-cadmium-telluride sensor with substrate removed for short-wavelength response and a 1.7 um cutoff will be used. Identical detector geometry and a nearly identical optical design allow for a common cryostat design with the only notable difference being the need for a cold radiation shield in the IR camera to mitigate thermal background. This paper describes the details of the cryostat design and cooling scheme, relevant thermal considerations and analysis, and discusses the detectors and detector readout electronics.
Publication Date: 2012
Citation: Gunn, James E, Carr, Michael, Smee, Stephen A, Orndorff, Joe D, Barkhouser, Robert H, Bennett, Charles L, Greene, Jenny E, Heckman, Timothy, Karoji, Hiroshi, LeFevre, Olivier, Ling, Hung-Hsu, Martin, Laurent, Menard, Brice, Murayama, Hitoshi, Prieto, Eric, Spergel, David, Strauss, Michael A, Sugai, Hajime, Ueda, Akitoshi, Wang, Shiang-Yu, Wyse, Rosemary, Zakamska, Nadia. (2012). Detectors and cryostat design for the SuMIRe Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS). GROUND-BASED AND AIRBORNE INSTRUMENTATION FOR ASTRONOMY IV, 8446 (10.1117/12.926279
DOI: doi:10.1117/12.926279
ISSN: 0277-786X
EISSN: 1996-756X
Type of Material: Journal Article
Version: Author's manuscript

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