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HATS-59b,c: A Transiting Hot Jupiter and a Cold Massive Giant Planet around a Sun-like Star

Author(s): Sarkis, P; Henning, Th; Hartman, Joel D.; Bakos, Gaspar Aron; Brahm, R; et al

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Abstract: We report the first discovery of a multi-planetary system by the HATSouth network, HATS-59b,c, a planetary system with an inner transiting hot Jupiter and an outer cold massive giant planet, which was detected via radial velocity. The inner transiting planet, HATS-59b, is on an eccentric orbit with e =  0.129 0.049, orbiting a V =  13.951 0.030 mag solar-like star (M = 1.038 0.039  M☉ and R =  1.036 0.067 R☉) with a period of 5.416081 0.000016  days. The outer companion, HATS-59c is on a circular orbit with m i sin 12.70 =  0.87 MJ and a period of 1422 ± 14 days. The inner planet has a mass of 0.806 0.069  MJ and a radius of 1.126 0.077  RJ, yielding a density of 0.70 0.16  g cm-3. Unlike most planetary systems that include only a single hot Jupiter, HATS-59b,c includes, in addition to the transiting hot Jupiter, a massive outer companion. The architecture of this system is valuable for understanding planet migration.
Publication Date: Nov-2018
Electronic Publication Date: 18-Oct-2018
Citation: Sarkis, P, Henning, Th, Hartman, JD, Bakos, GÁ, Brahm, R, Jordán, A, Bayliss, D, Mancini, L, Espinoza, N, Rabus, M, Csubry, Z, Bhatti, W, Penev, K, Zhou, G, Bento, J, Tan, TG, Arriagada, P, Butler, RP, Crane, JD, Shectman, S, Tinney, CG, Wright, DJ, Addison, B, Durkan, S, Suc, V, Buchhave, LA, de Val-Borro, M, Lázár, J, Papp, I, Sári, P. (2018). HATS-59b,c: A Transiting Hot Jupiter and a Cold Massive Giant Planet around a Sun-like Star. \aj, 156 (216 - 216. doi:10.3847/1538-3881/aade54
DOI: doi:10.3847/1538-3881/aade54
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Astronomical Journal
Version: Author's manuscript

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