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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: H alpha and H beta Reverberation Measurements from First-year Spectroscopy and Photometry

Author(s): Grier, CJ; Trump, JR; Shen, Yue; Horne, Keith; Kinemuchi, Karen; et al

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Abstract: We present reverberation mapping results from the first year of combined spectroscopic and photometric observations of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project. We successfully recover reverberation time delays between the g+i band emission and the broad H beta emission line for a total of 44 quasars, and for the broad Ha emission line in 18 quasars. Time delays are computed using the JAVELIN and CREAM software and the traditional interpolated cross-correlation function (ICCF): using well-defined criteria, we report measurements of 32 H beta and 13 Ha lags with JAVELIN, 42 H beta and 17 Ha lags with CREAM, and 16 H beta and eight Ha lags with the ICCF. Lag values are generally consistent among the three methods, though we typically measure smaller uncertainties with JAVELIN and CREAM than with the ICCF, given the more physically motivated light curve interpolation and more robust statistical modeling of the former two methods. The median redshift of our H beta-detected sample of quasars is 0.53, significantly higher than that of the previous reverberation mapping sample. We find that in most objects, the time delay of the Ha emission is consistent with or slightly longer than that of H beta. We measure black hole masses using our measured time delays and line widths for these quasars. These black hole mass measurements are mostly consistent with expectations based on the local M-BH-sigma* relationship, and are also consistent with single-epoch black hole mass measurements. This work increases the current sample size of reverberation-mapped active galaxies by about two-thirds and represents the first large sample of reverberation mapping observations beyond the local universe (z < 0.3).
Publication Date: 10-Dec-2017
Electronic Publication Date: 7-Dec-2017
Citation: Grier, CJ, Trump, JR, Shen, Yue, Horne, Keith, Kinemuchi, Karen, McGreer, Ian D, Starkey, DA, Brandt, WN, Hall, PB, Kochanek, CS, Chen, Yuguang, Denney, KD, Greene, Jenny E, Ho, LC, Homayouni, Y, Li, Jennifer I-Hsiu, Pei, Liuyi, Peterson, BM, Petitjean, P, Schneider, DP, Sun, Mouyuan, AlSayyad, Yusura, Bizyaev, Dmitry, Brinkmann, Jonathan, Brownstein, Joel R, Bundy, Kevin, Dawson, KS, Eftekharzadeh, Sarah, Fernandez-Trincado, JG, Gao, Yang, Hutchinson, Timothy A, Jia, Siyao, Jiang, Linhua, Oravetz, Daniel, Pan, Kaike, Paris, Isabelle, Ponder, Kara A, Peters, Christina, Rogerson, Jesse, Simmons, Audrey, Smith, Robyn, Wang, Ran. (2017). The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: H alpha and H beta Reverberation Measurements from First-year Spectroscopy and Photometry. ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 851 (10.3847/1538-4357/aa98dc
DOI: doi:10.3847/1538-4357/aa98dc
ISSN: 0004-637X
EISSN: 1538-4357
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Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
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