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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2017The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: Composite Lags at z <= 1Li, Jennifer; Shen, Yue; Horne, Keith; Brandt, WN; Greene, Jenny E., et al
10-Sep-2017Massive Quenched Galaxies at z similar to 0.7 Retain Large Molecular Gas ReservoirsSuess, Katherine A; Bezanson, Rachel; Spilker, Justin S; Kriek, Mariska; Greene, Jenny E., et al
Feb-2018Phase Curves of WASP-33b and HD 149026b and a New Correlation between Phase Curve Offset and Irradiation TemperatureZhang, Michael; Knutson, Heather A.; Kataria, Tiffany; Schwartz, Joel C; Cowan, Nicolas B, et al
Nov-2017Electron-capture and Low-mass Iron-core-collapse Supernovae: New Neutrino-radiation-hydrodynamics SimulationsRadice, David; Burrows, Adam S.; Vartanyan, David; Skinner, M Aaron; Dolence, Joshua C
Feb-2018Crucial Physical Dependencies of the Core-Collapse Supernova MechanismBurrows, Adam S.; Vartanyan, D; Dolence, JC; Skinner, MA; Radice, D
May-2017Mid-infrared characterization of the planetary-mass companion ROXs 42B bDaemgen, Sebastian; Todorov, Kamen O.; Silva, Jasmin; Hand, Derek; Garcia, Eugenio V, et al
20-Feb-2017Planet-induced Stellar Pulsations in HAT-P-2’s Eccentric Systemde Wit, Julien; Lewis, Nikole K; Knutson, Heather A.; Fuller, Jim; Antoci, Victoria, et al
Feb-2017HELIOS: An Open-source, GPU-accelerated Radiative Transfer Code for Self-consistent Exoplanetary AtmospheresMalik, Matej; Grosheintz, Luc; Mendonça, Jo ao M; Grimm, Simon L; Lavie, Baptiste, et al
Oct-2016The Orbit and Transit Prospects for β Pictoris b Constrained with One Milliarcsecond AstrometryWang, Jason J; Graham, James R; Pueyo, Laurent; Kalas, Paul; Millar-Blanchaer, Maxwell A., et al
Nov-2016Should One Use the Ray-by-Ray Approximation in Core-collapse Supernova Simulations?Skinner, M Aaron; Burrows, Adam S.; Dolence, Joshua C