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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2013Coupled Oscillator Dynamics of Vocal Turn-Taking in MonkeysTakahashi, Daniel Y.; Narayanan, Darshana Z.; Ghazanfar, Asif A.
Sep-2013Multisensory vocal communication in primates and the evolution of rhythmic speechGhazanfar, Asif A.
Jul-2012Cineradiography of Monkey Lip-Smacking Reveals Putative Precursors of Speech DynamicsGhazanfar, Asif A.; Takahashi, Daniel Y.; Mathur, Neil; Fitch, W. Tecumseh
Oct-2016The autonomic nervous system is the engine for vocal development through social feedbackGhazanfar, Asif A.; Zhang, Yisi S.
Dec-2014Vocal communication is multi-sensorimotor coordination within and between individualsTakahashi, Daniel Y.; Ghazanfar, Asif A.
Aug-2018Objectifying Women’s Bodies is Acceptable from an Intimate Perpetrator, at Least for Female SexistsLameiras-Fernández, María; Fiske, Susan T.; Fernández, Antonio González; Lopez, José F
Apr-2018Forgetting from lapses of sustained attentiondeBettencourt, Megan T.; Norman, Kenneth A.; Turk-Browne, Nicholas B.
Jun-2018Constraints and flexibility during vocal development: insights from marmoset monkeysGhazanfar, Asif A.; Liao, Diana A.
3-Jan-2015Hemodynamic Correlates of Cognition in Human InfantsAslin, Richard N.; Shukla, Mohinish; Emberson, Lauren L.
Mar-2014Combining fMRI and behavioral measures to examine the process of human learningKaruza, Elisabeth A.; Emberson, Lauren L.; Aslin, Richard N.