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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2017Cyclical population dynamics of automatic versus controlled processing: An evolutionary pendulum.Rand, David G.; Tomlin, Damon; Bear, Adam; Ludvig, Elliot A.; Cohen, Jonathan D.
Dec-2018Dissociable neural mechanisms track evidence accumulation for selection of attention versus actionShenhav, Amitai; Straccia, Mark A.; Musslick, Sebastian; Cohen, Jonathan D.; Botvinick, Matthew M.
26-Apr-2017The effect of atomoxetine on random and directed exploration in humansWarren, Christopher M.; Wilson, Robert C.; van der Wee, Nic J.; Giltay, Eric J.; van Noorden, Martijn S., et al
Dec-2016Neural evidence of the strategic choice between working memory and episodic memory in prospective rememberingLewis-Peacock, Jarrod A.; Cohen, Jonathan D.; Norman, Kenneth A.
Jan-2011Best Practices: How to Evaluate Psychological Science for Use by OrganizationsFiske, Susan T.; Borgida, Eugene
Sep-2012An Inconvenienced Youth? Ageism and its Potential Intergenerational RootsNorth, Michael S.; Fiske, Susan T.
1-Jul-2016Animals as Social Objects: Groups, Stereotypes, and Intergroup ThreatsSevillano, Verónica; Fiske, Susan T.
Dec-2011Bounded Empathy: Neural Responses to Outgroup Targets' (Mis)fortunesCikara, Mina; Fiske, Susan T.
19-Jul-2016Mnemonic convergence in social networks: The emergent properties of cognition at a collective levelComan, Alin; Momennejad, Ida; Drach, Rae D.; Geana, Andra
Oct-2018An Open Resource for Non-human Primate Imaging.Milham, Michael P.; Ai, Lei; Koo, Bonhwang; Xu, Ting; Amiez, Céline, et al