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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2018Forgetting from lapses of sustained attentiondeBettencourt, Megan T.; Norman, Kenneth A.; Turk-Browne, Nicholas B.
Jun-2018Constraints and flexibility during vocal development: insights from marmoset monkeysGhazanfar, Asif A.; Liao, Diana A.
Aug-2018Neural Mechanisms of Sustained Attention Are RhythmicHelfrich, Randolph F.; Fiebelkorn, Ian C.; Szczepanski, Sara M.; Lin, Jack J.; Parvizi, Josef, et al
Apr-2017Movin’ on Up? How Perceptions of Social Mobility Affect Our Willingness to Defend the SystemDay, Martin V.; Fiske, Susan T.
Jul-2018Individual differences in nonverbal prediction and vocabulary size in infancyReuter, Tracy; Emberson, Lauren; Romberg, Alexa; Lew-Williams, Casey
1-Feb-2012Comparison Friction: Experimental Evidence from Medicare Drug PlansKling, Jeffrey R; Mullainathan, Sendhil; Shafir, Eldar; Vermeulen, Lee C.; Wrobel, Marian V.
Oct-2017Ignoring alarming news brings indifference: Learning about the world and the selfPaluck, Elizabeth Levy; Shafir, Eldar; Wu, Sherry Jueyu
1-Jan-2018An exercise in self-replication: Replicating Shah, Mullainathan, and Shafir (2012)Shah, Anuj K.; Mullainathan, Sendhil; Shafir, Eldar
Dec-2015Lemurs groom-at-a-distance through vocal networksKulahci, Ipek G.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.; Ghazanfar, Asif A.
1-Jan-2017A graph-theoretic approach to multitaskingAlon, Noga; Reichman, Daniel; Shinkar, Igor; Wagner, Tal; Musslick, Sebastian, et al