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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2016Mnemonic convergence in social networks: The emergent properties of cognition at a collective levelComan, Alin; Momennejad, Ida; Drach, Rae D.; Geana, Andra
1-Jan-2018Refresh my memory: Episodic memory reinstatements intrude on working memory maintenanceHoskin, Abigail N.; Bornstein, Aaron M.; Norman, Kenneth A.; Cohen, Jonathan D.
Jun-2013Act Your (Old) Age: Prescriptive, Ageist Biases Over Succession, Consumption, and IdentityNorth, Michael S.; Fiske, Susan T.
8-May-2015Paradoxical Interaction between Ocular Activity, Perception, and Decision Confidence at the Threshold of VisionSchurger, Aaron; Kim, Min-Soo; Cohen, Jonathan D.
Apr-2014Optimality and Some of Its Discontents: Successes and Shortcomings of Existing Models for Binary DecisionsHolmes, Philip J.; Cohen, Jonathan D.
24-May-2012Reduced Sensitivity to Immediate Reward during Decision-Making in Older than Younger AdultsEppinger, Ben; Nystrom, Leigh E.; Cohen, Jonathan D.
Sep-2015The evolution and devolution of cognitive control: The costs of deliberation in a competitive worldTomlin, Damon; Rand, David G.; Ludvig, Elliot A.; Cohen, Jonathan D.
12-Jun-2013Reduced Striatal Responses to Reward Prediction Errors in Older Compared with Younger AdultsEppinger, Ben; Schuck, Nicolas W.; Nystrom, Leigh E.; Cohen, Jonathan D.
Jun-2013Persistence, diagnostic specificity and genetic liability for context-processing deficits in schizophreniaRichard, Annette E.; Carter, Cameron S.; Cohen, Jonathan D.; Cho, Raymond Y.
Jun-2015Money Earlier or Later? Simple Heuristics Explain Intertemporal Choices Better Than Delay Discounting DoesMarzilli Ericson, Keith M.; White, John Myles; Laibson, David; Cohen, Jonathan D.