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Boot strapping 3D fermions with global symmetries

Author(s): Iliesiu, Luca; Kos, Filip; Poland, David; Pufu, Silviu S; Simmons-Duffin, David

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Abstract: We study the conformal bootstrap for 4-point functions of fermions <psi(i)psi(j)psi(k)psi(l)> in parity-preserving 3d CFTs, where psi(i) transforms as a vector under an O(N) global symmetry. We compute bounds on scaling dimensions and central charges, finding features in our bounds that appear to coincide with the O(N) symmetric Gross-Neveu-Yukawa fixed points. Our computations are in perfect agreement with the 1/N expansion at large N and allow us to make nontrivial predictions at small N. For values of N for which the Gross-Neveu-Yukawa universality classes are relevant to condensed-matter systems, we compare our results to previous analytic and numerical results.
Publication Date: Jan-2018
Electronic Publication Date: 9-Jan-2018
Citation: Iliesiu, Luca, Kos, Filip, Poland, David, Pufu, Silviu S, Simmons-Duffin, David. (2018). Boot strapping 3D fermions with global symmetries. JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, 10.1007/JHEP01(2018)036
DOI: doi:10.1007/JHEP01(2018)036
ISSN: 1029-8479
Type of Material: Journal Article
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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