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Testing the Large-scale Environments of Cool-core and Non-cool-core Clusters with Clustering Bias

Author(s): Medezinski, Elinor; Battaglia, Nicholas; Coupon, Jean; Cen, Renyue; Gaspari, Massimo; et al

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Abstract: There are well-observed differences between cool-core (CC)and non-cool-core (NCC)clusters, but the origin of this distinction is still largely unknown. Competing theories can be divided into internal (inside-out), in which internal physical processes transform or maintain the NCC phase, and external (outside-in), in which the cluster type is determined by its initial conditions, which in turn leads to different formation histories (i.e., assembly bias). We propose a new method that uses the relative assembly bias of CC to NCC clusters, as determined via the two- point cluster-galaxy cross-correlation function (CCF), to test whether formation history plays a role in determining their nature. We apply our method to 48 ACCEPT clusters, which have well resolved central entropies, and cross- correlate with the SDSS-III/BOSS LOWZ galaxy catalog. We find that the relative bias of NCC over CC clusters is b=1.42±0.35 (1.6σdifferent from unity). Our measurement is limited by the small number of clusters with core entropy information within the BOSS footprint, 14 CC and 34 NCC clusters. Future compilations of X-ray cluster samples, combined with deep all-sky redshift surveys, will be able to better constrain the relative assembly bias of CC and NCC clusters and determine the origin of the bimodality.
Publication Date: 8-Feb-2017
Electronic Publication Date: 10-Feb-2017
Citation: Medezinski, Elinor, Battaglia, Nicholas, Coupon, Jean, Cen, Renyue, Gaspari, Massimo, Strauss, Michael A, Spergel, David N. (2017). Testing the Large-scale Environments of Cool-core and Non-cool-core Clusters with Clustering Bias. \apj, 836 (54 - 54. doi:10.3847/1538-4357/836/1/54
DOI: doi:10.3847/1538-4357/836/1/54
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Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Astrophysical Journal
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