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Performance of Science Grade HgCdTe H4RG-15 Image Sensors

Author(s): Zandian, Majid; Farris, Mark; McLevige, William; Edwall, Dennis; Arkun, Erdem; et al

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Abstract: We present the test results of science grade substrate-removed 4Kx4K HgCdTe H4RG-15 NIR 1.7 mu m and SWIR 2.5 mu m sensor chip assemblies (SCAs). Teledyne’s 4Kx4K, 15 mu m pixel pitch infrared array, which was developed for the era of Extremely Large Telescopes, is first being used in new instrumentation on existing telescopes. We report the data on H4RG-15 arrays that have achieved science grade performance: very low dark current (<0.01 e(-)/pixel/sec), high quantum efficiency (70-90%), single CDS readout noise of 18 e(-), operability >97%, total crosstalk <1.5%, well capacity >70 ke(-), and power dissipation less than 4 mW. These SCAs are substrate-removed HgCdTe which simultaneously detect visible and infrared light, enabling spectrographs to use a single SCA for Visible-IR sensitivity. Larger focal plane arrays can be constructed by assembling mosaics of individual arrays.
Publication Date: 2016
Citation: Zandian, Majid, Farris, Mark, McLevige, William, Edwall, Dennis, Arkun, Erdem, Holland, Eric, Gunn, James E, Smee, Stephen, Hall, Donald NB, Hodapp, Klaus W, Shimono, Atsushi, Tamura, Naoyuki, Carmody, Michael, Auyeung, John, Beletic, James W. (2016). Performance of Science Grade HgCdTe H4RG-15 Image Sensors. HIGH ENERGY, OPTICAL, AND INFRARED DETECTORS FOR ASTRONOMY VII, 9915 (10.1117/12.2233664
DOI: doi:10.1117/12.2233664
ISSN: 0277-786X
Type of Material: Conference Article
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