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Extensive regulation of metabolism and growth during the cell division cycle

Author(s): Slavov, Nikolai; Botstein, David; Caudy, Amy

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Abstract: Yeast cells grown in culture can spontaneously synchronize their respiration, metabolism, gene expression and cell division. Such metabolic oscillations in synchronized cultures reflect single-cell oscillations, but the relationship between the oscillations in single cells and synchronized cultures is poorly understood. To understand this relationship and the coordination between metabolism and cell division, we collected and analyzed DNA-content, gene-expression and physiological data, at hundreds of time-points, from cultures metabolically-synchronized at different growth rates, carbon sources and biomass densities. The data enabled us to extend and generalize an ensemble-average-over-phases (EAP) model that connects the population-average gene-expression of asynchronous cultures to the gene-expression dynamics in the single-cells comprising the cultures. The extended model explains the carbon-source specific growth-rate responses of hundreds of genes. Our data demonstrate that for a given growth rate, the frequency of metabolic cycling in synchronized cultures increases with the biomass density. This observation underscores the difference between metabolic cycling in synchronized cultures and in single cells and suggests entraining of the single-cell cycle by a quorum-sensing mechanism. Constant levels of residual glucose during the metabolic cycling of synchronized cultures indicate that storage carbohydrates are required to fuel not only the G1/S transition of the division cycle but also the metabolic cycle. Despite the large variation in profiled conditions and in the time-scale of their dynamics, most genes preserve invariant dynamics of coordination with each other and with the rate of oxygen consumption. Similarly, the G1/S transition always occurs at the beginning, middle or end of the high oxygen consumption phases, analogous to observations in human and drosophila cells.
Publication Date: Dec-2013
Citation: Slavov, Nikolai, Botstein, David, Caudy, Amy. (Extensive regulation of metabolism and growth during the cell division cycle
DOI: 10.1016/
Pages: 1 - 34
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Current Opinion in Cell Biology
Version: Author's manuscript

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