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Discovery and spectroscopy of the young jovian planet 51 Eri b with the Gemini Planet Imager

Author(s): Macintosh, B; Graham, JR; Barman, T; De Rosa, RJ; Konopacky, Q; et al

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Abstract: Directly detecting thermal emission from young extrasolar planets allows measurement of their atmospheric compositions and luminosities, which are influenced by their formation mechanisms. Using the Gemini Planet Imager, we discovered a planet orbiting the~20-million-year-old star 51 Eridani at a projected separation of 13 astronomical units.Near-infrared observations show a spectrum with strong methane and water-vapor absorption.Modeling of the spectra and photometry yields a luminosity (normalized by the luminosity of theSun) of 1.6 to 4.0 × 10−6and an effective temperature of 600 to 750 kelvin. For this age and luminosity,“hot-start”formation models indicate a mass twice that of Jupiter. This planet also has a sufficiently low luminosity to be consistent with the“cold-start”core-accretion process that may have formed Jupiter.
Publication Date: 2-Oct-2015
Citation: Macintosh, B, Graham, JR, Barman, T, De Rosa, RJ, Konopacky, Q, Marley, MS, Marois, C, Nielsen, EL, Pueyo, L, Rajan, A, Rameau, J, Saumon, D, Wang, JJ, Patience, J, Ammons, M, Arriaga, P, Artigau, E, Beckwith, S, Brewster, J, Bruzzone, S, Bulger, J, Burningham, B, Burrows, AS, Chen, C, Chiang, E, Chilcote, JK, Dawson, RI, Dong, R, Doyon, R, Draper, ZH, Duchêne, G, Esposito, TM, Fabrycky, D, Fitzgerald, MP, Follette, KB, Fortney, JJ, Gerard, B, Goodsell, S, Greenbaum, AZ, Hibon, P, Hinkley, S, Cotten, TH, Hung, L-W, Ingraham, P, Johnson-Groh, M, Kalas, P, Lafreniere, D, Larkin, JE, Lee, J, Line, M, Long, D, Maire, J, Marchis, F, Matthews, BC, Max, CE, Metchev, S, Millar-Blanchaer, MA, Mittal, T, Morley, CV, Morzinski, KM, Murray-Clay, R, Oppenheimer, R, Palmer, DW, Patel, R, Perrin, MD, Poyneer, LA, Rafikov, RR, Rantakyrö, FT, Rice, EL, Rojo, P, Rudy, AR, Ruffio, J-B, Ruiz, MT, Sadakuni, N, Saddlemyer, L, Salama, M, Savransky, D, Schneider, AC, Sivaramakrishnan, A, Song, I, Soummer, R, Thomas, S, Vasisht, G, Wallace, JK, Ward-Duong, K, Wiktorowicz, SJ, Wolff, SG, Zuckerman, B. (2015). Discovery and spectroscopy of the young jovian planet 51 Eri b with the Gemini Planet Imager. Science, 350 (64 - 67. doi:10.1126/science.aac5891
DOI: doi:10.1126/science.aac5891
Pages: 64 - 67
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Science
Version: Author's manuscript

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