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Petersberg Papers on Afghanistan and the Region

Author(s): Danspeckgruber, Wolfgang (editor); Spanta, Rangin Dadfar; Stanzel, Volker; Kieber-Beck, Rita; Maley, William; et al

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Abstract: Since the 2001 Bonn Conference and the subsequent extensive international engagement in Afghanistan – both military and civilian –much has changed and much has been achieved. Afghans can point to significant successes in their country, from health and education, to reconstruction and development of infrastructure. But since Bonn, the situation in Afghanistan in 2008-2009 is far from where many expected it to be. The London Compact of 2006 began the second phase in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, emphasizing security, governance and rule of law, and social and economic development. But since then, there has been a considerable decrease in security, an increase in Taliban presence and operations, an increase in civilian casualties, an increase in corruption, and no substantial reduction of the drug trade. The August 2009 presidential elections only intensified the discussions about the future of Afghanistan, the role of the international community. created a foundation for modern Afghanistan. This report considers these issues from domestic, regional, and international perspectives.
Publication Date: Dec-2009
Keywords: Afghanistan
Rule of Law
Human Rights
Type of Material: Book
Series/Report no.: Liechtenstein Colloquium Report;Volume 4

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