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Slit device assembly of Prime Focus Spectrograph for Subaru telescope

Author(s): de Oliveira, Antonio Cesar; de Oliveira, Ligia Souza; Gunn, James E; Ferreira, Decio; Moritani, Yuki; et al

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Abstract: The Fiber Optic Cable and Connector System, FOCCoS, is a set of optical cables to feed the Prime Focus Spectrograph, PFS, for Subaru telescope (inverted right perpendicular01,02inverted left perpendicular). The extremity responsible for delivering light to spectrographs is called, FCA, Fiber Cable A. Cable A is the cable installed at the Spectrograph side and consists of the Fiber Slit Assembly, FSA, the routing with its support and the Fiber Input Assembly, FIA. FSA is composed of a set of optical fibers arranged linearly on the Slit device and supported by the Frame, protected by segmented tubes and routed between strain relief boxes and the connection interface. FIA is composed by the Connector Bench (Gang Connector) that allow connection with Cable B, at the Subaru Telescope interface, to receive light from Cable C where the fibers end is coupled with microlens. As four Spectrographs are considered for PFS/Subaru, four units of Cable A are necessary. In this paper, we present in details of a complete FCA to be installed in the spectrograph bench. We discuss about the general design, methods used to manufacture the involved devices.
Publication Date: 2018
Citation: de Oliveira, Antonio Cesar, de Oliveira, Ligia Souza, Gunn, James E, Ferreira, Decio, Moritani, Yuki, Marrara, Lucas Souza, dos Santos, Leandro Henrique, Rosa, Josimar Aparecido, Costa, Ricardo Luciano, de Almeida, Rodrigo Pedro, Madec, Fabrice, Dohlen, Kjetil, Le Mignant, David, Tamura, Naoyuki, Takato, Naruhisa, Sodre Junior, Laerte, Castilho, Bruno, dos Santos, Jesulino Bispo. (2018). Slit device assembly of Prime Focus Spectrograph for Subaru telescope. GROUND-BASED AND AIRBORNE INSTRUMENTATION FOR ASTRONOMY VII, 10702 (10.1117/12.2312197
DOI: doi:10.1117/12.2312197
ISSN: 0277-786X
EISSN: 1996-756X
Type of Material: Conference Article
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