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Low-energy (anti)neutrino physics with Borexino: Neutrinos from the primary proton-proton fusion process in the Sun

Author(s): Mosteiro, P; Bellini, G; Benziger, Jay B.; Bick, D; Bonfini, G; et al

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Abstract: The Sun is fueled by a series of nuclear reactions that produce the energy that makes it shine. The primary reaction is the fusion of two protons into a deuteron, a position and a neutrino. These neutrinos constitute the vast majority of neutrinos reaching Earth, providing us with key information about what goes on at the core of our star. Several experiments have now confirmed the observation of neutrino oscillations by detecting neutrinos from secondary nuclear processes in the Sun; this is the first direct spectral measurement of the neutrinos from the keystone proton-proton fusion. This observation is a crucial step towards the completion of the spectroscopy of pp-chain neutrinos, as well as further validation of the LMA-MSW model of neutrino oscillations.
Publication Date: Aug-2015
Citation: Mosteiro, P, Bellini, G, Benziger, J, Bick, D, Bonfini, G, Bravo, D, Caccianiga, B, Cadonati, L, Calaprice, F, Caminata, A, Cavalcante, P, Chavarria, A, Chepurnov, A, D Angelo, D, Davini, S, Derbin, A, Empl, A, Etenko, A, Fomenko, K, Franco, D, Gabriele, F, Galbiati, C, Gazzana, S, Ghiano, C, Giammarchi, M, Goeger-Neff, M, Goretti, A, Gromov, M, Hagner, C, Hungerford, E, Ianni, Al, Ianni, An, Kobychev, V, Korablev, D, Korga, G, Kryn, D, Laubenstein, M, Lehnert, B, Lewke, T, Litvinovich, E, Lombardi, F, Lombardi, P, Ludhova, L, Lukyanchenko, G, Machulin, I, Manecki, S, Maneschg, W, Marcocci, S, Meindl, Q, Meroni, E, Meyer, M, Miramonti, L, Misiaszek, M, Montuschi, M, Muratova, V, Oberauer, L, Obolensky, M, Ortica, F, Otis, K, Pallavicini, M, Papp, L, Perasso, L, Pocar, A, Ranucci, G, Razeto, A, Re, A, Romani, A, Rossi, N, Saldanha, R, Salvo, C, Schoenert, S, Simgen, H, Skorokhvatov, M, Smirnov, O, Sotnikov, A, Sukhotin, S, Suvorov, Y, Tartaglia, R, Testera, G, Vignaud, D, Vogelaar, RB, von Feilitzsch, F, Wang, H, Winter, J, Wojcik, M, Wright, A, Wurm, M, Zaimidoroga, O, Zavatarelli, S, Zuber, K, Zuzel, G. (Low-energy (anti)neutrino physics with Borexino: Neutrinos from the primary proton-proton fusion process in the Sun. NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS PROCEEDINGS, 265 (87 - 92. doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2015.06.023
DOI: doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2015.06.023
ISSN: 2405-6014
EISSN: 1873-3832
Pages: 87 - 92
Type of Material: Conference Article
Version: Author's manuscript

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