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Dimerization and Néel Order in Different Quantum Spin Chains Through a Shared Loop Representation

Author(s): Aizenman, Michael; Duminil-Copin, Hugo; Warzel, Simone

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Abstract: The ground-states of the spin-S antiferromagnetic chain HAF with a projection-based interaction and the spin-1/2 XXZ-chain HXXZ at anisotropy parameter Δ = cosh(λ) share a common loop representation in terms of a two-dimensional functional integral which is similar to the classical planar Q-state Potts model at √Q = 2S + 1 = 2 cosh(λ). The multifaceted relation is used here to directly relate the distinct forms of translation symmetry breaking which are manifested in the ground-states of these two models: dimerization for HAF at all S > 1/2, and Neel order for HXXZ at λ > 0. The results presented include: (i) a translation to the above quantum spin systems of the results which were recently proven by Duminil–Copin–Li–Manolescu for a broad class of two-dimensional random-cluster models, and (ii) a short proof of the symmetry breaking in a manner similar to the recent structural proof by Ray–Spinka of the discontinuity of the phase transition for Q > 4. Altogether, the quantum manifestation of the change between Q = 4 and Q > 4 is a transition from a gapless ground-state to a pair of gapped and extensively distinct ground-states.
Publication Date: 16-Jun-2020
DOI: doi:10.1007/s00023-020-00924-2
ISSN: 1424-0637
EISSN: 1424-0661
Language: en
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Annales Henri Poincaré
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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