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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Seasonal Forecasting of Global Hydrologic Extremes: System Development and Evaluation over GEWEX BasinsYuan, Xing; Roundy, Joshua K; Wood, Eric F; Sheffield, Justin
2014Cloud-scale ice-supersaturated regions spatially correlate with high water vapor heterogeneitiesDiao, M; Zondlo, MA; Heymsfield, AJ; Avallone, LM; Paige, ME, et al
17-Dec-2012Compact and portable open-path sensor for simultaneous measurements of atmospheric N_2O and CO using a quantum cascade laserTao, Lei; Sun, Kang; Khan, M Amir; Miller, David J; Zondlo, Mark A
2015Characterization of incubation experiments and development of an enrichment culture capable of ammonium oxidation under iron-reducing conditionsHuang, S; Jaffé, PR
28-Jul-2016Climate variability and extremes, interacting with nitrogen storage, amplify eutrophication riskLee, Minjin; Shevliakova, Elena; Malyshev, Sergey; Milly, PCD; Jaffé, Peter R
Apr-2015Detection of Steel Fatigue Cracks with Strain Sensing Sheets Based on Large Area ElectronicsYao, Yao; Glisic, Branko
Dec-2013Impact of capillary hysteresis and trapping on vertically integrated models for CO2 storageDoster, F; Nordbotten, JM; Celia, MA
26-Jun-2016Enhancing student cognition and affect through the creative art of structural and civil engineeringLaffey, EH; Garlock, ME; Bhatia, A
26-Jun-2016Engaging students with the creative art of civil engineeringBhatia, A; Garlock, ME; Laffey, EH
1-Jan-2016Finite element verification of the method of neutral axis for damage detection in composite beam structuresLi, X; Glisic, B