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14-Nov-2016Altered Glycosylation Patterns Increase Immunogenicity of a Subunit Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine, Inducing Neutralizing Antibodies Which Confer Protection in MiceLi, Dapeng; von Schaewen, Markus; Wang, Xuesong; Tao, Wanyin; Zhang, Yunfang; et al
Dec-2016Expanding the Host Range of Hepatitis C Virus through Viral Adaptationvon Schaewen, Markus; Dorner, Marcus; Hueging, Kathrin; Foquet, Lander; Gerges, Sherif; et al
Jul-2015Hepatitis C virus infects rhesus macaque hepatocytes and simianized miceScull, Margaret A; Shi, Chao; de Jong, Ype P; Gerold, Gisa; Ries, Moritz; et al
1-May-2015Identification, Molecular Cloning, and Analysis of Full-Length Hepatitis C Virus Transmitted/Founder Genotypes 1, 3, and 4Stoddard, Mark B; Li, Hui; Wang, Shuyi; Saeed, Mohsan; Andrus, Linda; et al
2017Mice Expressing Minimally Humanized CD81 and Occludin Genes Support Hepatitis C Virus Uptake In VivoDing, Qiang; von Schaewen, Markus; Hrebikova, Gabriela; Heller, Brigitte; Sandmann, Lisa; et al
Apr-2014Murine models of hepatitis C: What can we look forward to?von Schaewen, Markus; Ploss, Alexander
May-2015Novel Biomarkers Associated With the Outcome of Interferon-Based Hepatitis C Virus Therapyvon Schaewen, Markus; Ploss, Alexander
Aug-2014Visualizing hepatitis C virus infection in humanized micevon Schaewen, Markus; Ding, Qiang; Ploss, Alexander