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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2013Defining cell-type specificity at the transcriptional level in human diseaseJu, Wenjun; Greene, Casey S; Eichinger, Felix; Nair, Viji; Hodgin, Jeffrey B; et al
29-Jun-2017IFNγ-Dependent Tissue-Immune Homeostasis Is Co-opted in the Tumor MicroenvironmentNirschl, Christopher J; Suárez-Fariñas, Mayte; Izar, Benjamin; Prakadan, Sanjay; Dannenfelser, Ruth; et al
14-May-2018A loop-counting method for covariate-corrected low-rank biclustering of gene-expression and genome-wide association study dataRangan, Aaditya V; McGrouther, Caroline C; Kelsoe, John; Schork, Nicholas; Stahl, Eli; et al
15-Feb-2020Subtype-specific transcriptional regulators in breast tumors subjected to genetic and epigenetic alterationsZhu, Qian; Tekpli, Xavier; Troyanskaya, Olga G; Kristensen, Vessela N