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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2014Accelerated mini-batch randomized block coordinate descent methodZhao, T; Yu, M; Wang, Y; Arora, R; Liu, H
2016An improved convergence analysis of cyclic block coordinate descent-type methods for strongly convex minimizationLi, X; Zhao, T; Arora, R; Liu, H; Hong, M
2014Mode estimation for high dimensional discrete tree graphical modelsChen, C; Liu, H; Metaxas, DN; Zhao, T
1-Jan-2017Parametric simplex method for sparse learningPang, H; Vanderbei, Robert; Liu, H; Zhao, T
22-Feb-2018Pathwise coordinate optimization for sparse learning: Algorithm and theoryZhao, T; Liu, H; Zhang, T
2012Smooth-projected neighborhood pursuit for high-dimensional nonparanormal graph estimationZhao, T; Roeder, K; Liu, H
2012Sparse additive machineZhao, T; Liu, H
2013Sparse precision matrix estimation with calibrationZhao, T; Liu, H
2016Stochastic variance reduced optimization for nonconvex sparse learningLi, X; Zhao, T; Arora, R; Liu, H; Haupt, J