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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2017Dynamic landscape and regulation of RNA editing in mammalsTan, Meng H; Li, Qin; Shanmugam, Raghuvaran; Piskol, Robert; Kohler, Jennefer; et al
28-Sep-2018Fundamentals of Wireless Information and Power Transfer: From RF Energy Harvester Models to Signal and System DesignsClerckx, Bruno; Zhang, Rui; Schober, Robert; Ng, Derrick Wing Kwan; Kim, Dong In; et al
28-Jun-2017A General Small-Scale Reactor to Enable Standardization and Acceleration of Photocatalytic ReactionsLe, Chi Chip; Wismer, Michael K.; Shi, Zhicai; Zhang, Rui; Conway, Donald V.; et al
11-Oct-2017Genetic effects on gene expression across human tissuesAguet, Fran├žois; Brown, Andrew A.; Castel, Stephane E.; Davis, Joe R.; He, Yuan; et al
Jul-2018Mechanism of how augmin directly targets the ╬│-tubulin ring complex to microtubulesSong, Jae-Geun; King, Matthew R; Zhang, Rui; Kadzik, Rachel S; Thawani, Akanksha; et al
15-Mar-2012On Gaussian MIMO BC-MAC Duality With Multiple Transmit Covariance ConstraintsZhang, Lan; Zhang, Rui; Liang, Ying-Chang; Xin, Yan; Poor, H Vincent