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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
17-Apr-2020Federated Learning With Differential Privacy: Algorithms and Performance AnalysisWei, Kang; Li, Jun; Ding, Ming; Ma, Chuan; Yang, Howard H; et al
27-Mar-2020On Safeguarding Privacy and Security in the Framework of Federated LearningMa, Chuan; Li, Jun; Ding, Ming; Yang, Howard H; Shu, Feng; et al
28-Feb-2020Optimizing Information Freshness in Wireless Networks: A Stochastic Geometry ApproachYang, Howard H; Arafa, Ahmed; Quek, Tony QS; Poor, H Vincent
31-Dec-2021Revisiting Analog Over-the-Air Machine Learning: The Blessing and Curse of InterferenceYang, Howard H; Chen, Zihan; Quek, Tony QS; Poor, H Vincent
27-Sep-2019Scheduling Policies for Federated Learning in Wireless NetworksYang, Howard H; Liu, Zuozhu; Quek, Tony QS; Poor, H Vincent
5-Oct-2021Spatiotemporal Analysis for Age of Information in Random Access Networks Under Last-Come First-Serve With Replacement ProtocolYang, Howard H; Arafa, Ahmed; Quek, Tony QS; Poor, H Vincent
28-Jul-2020A Unified Framework for SINR Analysis in Poisson Networks With Traffic DynamicsYang, Howard H; Quek, Tony QS; Vincent Poor, H