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26-Feb-2010Hydrogen Bonded Pyridine Dimer: A Possible Intermediate in the Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to MethanolYan, Yong; Gu, Jing; Bocarsly, Andrew B
21-Oct-2015Isotopic Probe Illuminates the Role of the Electrode Surface in Proton Coupled Hydride Transfer Electrochemical Reduction of Pyridinium on Pt(111)Zeitler, Elizabeth L; Ertem, Mehmed Z; Pander, James E; Yan, Yong; Batista, Victor S; et al
7-Oct-2015Light-Driven Heterogeneous Reduction of Carbon Dioxide: Photocatalysts and PhotoelectrodesWhite, James L; Baruch, Maor F; Pander, James E; Hu, Yuan; Fortmeyer, Ivy C; et al
30-Dec-2013p-Type CuRhO2 as a Self-Healing Photoelectrode for Water Reduction under Visible LightGu, Jing; Yan, Yong; Krizan, Jason W; Gibson, Quinn D; Detweiler, Zachary M; et al