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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2012Adhesion of E. coli to silver- or copper-coated porous clay ceramic surfacesYakub, I; Soboyejo, WO
15-Dec-2012Mechanical properties, modeling and design of porous clay ceramicsYakub, I; Du, J; Soboyejo, WO
Jul-2013Porosity, Flow, and Filtration Characteristics of Frustum-Shaped Ceramic Water FiltersYakub, I; Plappally, A; Leftwich, M; Malatesta, K; Friedman, KC; et al
2011Thermal Shock Resistance of a Kyanite-Based (Aluminosilicate) CeramicRahbar, N; Aduda, BO; Zimba, J; Obwoya, SK; Nyongesa, FW; et al