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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2013Benchmark products for land evapotranspiration: LandFlux-EVAL multi-data set synthesisMueller, B; Hirschi, M; Jimenez, C; Ciais, P; Dirmeyer, PA; et al
2014Continental-scale impacts of intra-seasonal rainfall variability on simulated ecosystem responses in AfricaGuan, K; Good, SP; Caylor, KK; Sato, H; Wood, EF; et al
2015Flood and drought hydrologic monitoring: the role of model parameter uncertaintyChaney, NW; Herman, JD; Reed, PM; Wood, EF
2016The GEWEX LandFlux project: evaluation of model evaporation using tower-based and globally gridded forcing dataMcCabe, MF; Ershadi, A; Jimenez, C; Miralles, DG; Michel, D; et al
Jun-2015Impact of model structure and parameterization on Penman–Monteith type evaporation modelsErshadi, A; McCabe, MF; Evans, JP; Wood, EF
2013Inverse streamflow routingPan, M; Wood, EF
Nov-2015The Observed State of the Water Cycle in the Early Twenty-First CenturyRodell, M; Beaudoing, HK; L’Ecuyer, TS; Olson, WS; Famiglietti, JS; et al
2013On the sources of global land surface hydrologic predictabilityShukla, S; Sheffield, J; Wood, EF; Lettenmaier, DP
Jun-2015Optimization of a Radiative Transfer Forward Operator for Simulating SMOS Brightness Temperatures over the Upper Mississippi BasinLievens, H; Al Bitar, A; Verhoest, NEC; Cabot, F; De Lannoy, GJM; et al
Oct-2011The Second Phase of the Global Land–Atmosphere Coupling Experiment: Soil Moisture Contributions to Subseasonal Forecast SkillKoster, RD; Mahanama, SPP; Yamada, TJ; Balsamo, Gianpaolo; Berg, AA; et al