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14-Jan-2022Next-Generation Multiple Access Based on NOMA With Power Level ModulationPei, Xinyue; Chen, Yingyang; Wen, Miaowen; Yu, Hua; Panayirci, Erdal; et al
29-Jul-2022QR Decomposition-Based Cyclic Prefixed Single-Carrier Transmissions for Cooperative Communications: Concepts and Research LandscapeKim, Kyeong Jin; Liu, Hongwu; Wen, Miaowen; Tsiftsis, Theodoros A; Orlik, Philip V; et al
5-Feb-2020Secrecy Performance Analysis of Distributed Asynchronous Cyclic Delay Diversity-Based Cooperative Single Carrier SystemsKim, Kyeong Jin; Liu, Hongwu; Wen, Miaowen; Orlik, Philip V; Poor, H Vincent