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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2022Data-plane security applications in adversarial settingsWang, Liang; Mittal, Prateek; Rexford, Jennifer
Dec-2012Electrophysiological Low-Frequency Coherence and Cross-Frequency Coupling Contribute to BOLD ConnectivityWang, Liang; Saalmann, Yuri B.; Pinsk, Mark A.; Arcaro, Michael J.; Kastner, Sabine
2020MIMIQ: Masking IPs with Migration in QUICGovil, Yashodhar; Wang, Liang; Rexford, Jennifer
10-Aug-2012The Pulvinar Regulates Information Transmission Between Cortical Areas Based on Attention DemandsSaalmann, Yuri B.; Pinsk, Mark A.; Wang, Liang; Li, Xin; Kastner, Sabine
2019SICO: Surgical Interception Attacks by Manipulating BGP CommunitiesBirge-Lee, Henry; Wang, Liang; Rexford, Jennifer; Mittal, Prateek
2019SPINE: Surveillance Protection in the Network ElementsDatta, Trisha; Feamster, Nick; Rexford, Jennifer; Wang, Liang
Jan-2019Temporal Dynamics and Response Modulation across the Human Visual System in a Spatial Attention Task: An ECoG Study.Martin, Anne B.; Yang, Xiaofang; Saalmann, Yuri B.; Wang, Liang; Shestyuk, Avgusta; et al