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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2014CIRCUMNUCLEAR MOLECULAR GAS IN MEGAMASER DISK GALAXIES NGC 4388 AND NGC 1194Greene, Jenny E.; Seth, Anil; Lyubenova, Mariya; Walsh, Jonelle; van de Ven, Glenn; et al
1-Mar-2012THE LICK AGN MONITORING PROJECT: RECALIBRATING SINGLE-EPOCH VIRIAL BLACK HOLE MASS ESTIMATESPark, Daeseong; Woo, Jong-Hak; Treu, Tommaso; Barth, Aaron J.; Bentz, Misty C.; et al
Jan-2017The MASSIVE Survey - V. Spatially resolved stellar angular momentum, velocity dispersion, and higher moments of the 41 most massive local early-type galaxiesVeale, Melanie; Ma, Chung-Pei; Thomas, Jens; Greene, Jenny E.; McConnell, Nicholas J; et al