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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2014Anonymity on QuickSand: Using BGP to Compromise TorVanbever, Laurent; Li, Oscar; Rexford, Jennifer; Mittal, Prateek
2015Central Control Over Distributed RoutingVissicchio, Stefano; Tilmans, Olivier; Vanbever, Laurent; Rexford, Jennifer
2014Distributed Route Aggregation on the Global NetworkSobrinho, João L; Vanbever, Laurent; Le, Franck; Rexford, Jennifer
2016An Industrial-Scale Software Defined Internet Exchange PointGupta, Arpit; MacDavid, Robert; Birkner, Rüdiger; Canini, Marco; Feamster, Nick; et al
2015RAPTOR: Routing Attacks on Privacy in TorSun, Yixin; Edmundson, Anne; Vanbever, Laurent; Li, Oscar; Rexford, Jennifer; et al
2016Scaling the Internet Routing System Through Distributed Route AggregationSobrinho, Joao L; Vanbever, Laurent; Le, Franck; Sousa, Andre; Rexford, Jennifer
2014SDX: a software defined internet exchangeGupta, Arpit; Vanbever, Laurent; Shahbaz, Muhammad; Donovan, Sean P; Schlinker, Brandon; et al
2021Securing internet applications from routing attacksSun, Yixin; Apostolaki, Maria; Birge-Lee, Henry; Vanbever, Laurent; Rexford, Jennifer; et al
2013SoftCell: scalable and flexible cellular core network architectureJin, Xin; Li, Li E; Vanbever, Laurent; Rexford, Jennifer