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20-Nov-2018Low-nutrient organic matter in the Sargasso Sea thermocline: A hypothesis for its role, identity, and carbon cycle implicationsFawcett, Sarah E; Johnson, Kenneth S; Riser, Stephen C; Van Oostende, Nicolas; Sigman, Daniel M
Nov-2018Simulating the ocean’s chlorophyll dynamic range from coastal upwelling to oligotrophyVan Oostende, Nicolas; Dussin, Raphael; Stock, Charles A; Barton, Andrew D; Curchitser, Enrique; et al
Mar-2017Variation of summer phytoplankton community composition and its relationship to nitrate and regenerated nitrogen assimilation across the North Atlantic OceanVan Oostende, Nicolas; Fawcett, Sarah E; Marconi, Dario; Lueders-Dumont, Jessica; Sabadel, AJM; et al