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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015The anamorphic universeIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
29-Aug-2012Antigravity and the big crunch/big bang transitionBars, Itzhak; Chen, Shih-Hung; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Turok, Neil
12-Jul-2018Bouncing cosmology made simpleIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
16-Sep-2016Classically Stable Nonsingular Cosmological BouncesIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
-Collisions in outer space produced an icosahedral phase in the Khatyrka meteorite never observed previously in the laboratoryBindi, Luca; Lin, Chaney; Ma, Chi; Steinhardt, Paul J.
15-Oct-2012Complete set of homogeneous isotropic analytic solutions in scalar-tensor cosmology with radiation and curvatureBars, Itzhak; Chen, Shih-Hung; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Turok, Neil
15-May-2018Cosmic history and a candidate parent asteroid for the quasicrystal-bearing meteorite KhatyrkaMeier, Matthias MM; Bindi, Luca; Heck, Philipp R.; Neander, April; Spring, Nicole H.; et al
7-Oct-2013Cyclic cosmology, conformal symmetry and the metastability of the HiggsBars, Itzhak; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Turok, Neil
Nov-2014Dynamical string tension in string theory with spacetime Weyl invarianceBars, Itzhak; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Turok, Neil
31-Jan-2012Evidence for the extraterrestrial origin of a natural quasicrystalBindi, Luca; Eiler, John M.; Guan, Yunbin; Hollister, Lincoln S.; MacPherson, Glenn; et al
9-May-2017Evidence of cross-cutting and redox reaction in Khatyrka meteorite reveals metallic-Al minerals formed in outer spaceLin, Chaney; Hollister, Lincoln S.; MacPherson, Glenn J.; Bindi, Luca; Ma, Chi; et al
15-Oct-2011Evolution of curvature and anisotropy near a nonsingular bounceXue, BingKan; Steinhardt, Paul J.
10-Jan-2017Fully stable cosmological solutions with a non-singular classical bounceIjjasa, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
15-Jun-2014General mechanism for producing scale-invariant perturbations and small non-Gaussianity in ekpyrotic modelsIjjas, Anna; Lehners, Jean-Luc; Steinhardt, Paul J.
Jan-2019Hyperuniformity and anti-hyperuniformity in one-dimensional substitution tilings.O─čuz, Erdal C.; Socolar, Joshua E.S.; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Torquato, Salvatore
1-Feb-2017Hyperuniformity of quasicrystalsOguz, Erdal C; Socolar, Joshua ES; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Torquato, Salvatore
29-Jul-2014Icosahedral AlCuFe quasicrystal at high pressure and temperature and its implications for the stability of icosahedriteStagno, Vincenzo; Bindi, Luca; Shibazaki, Yuki; Tange, Yoshinori; Higo, Yuji; et al
18-Feb-2016Implications of Planck2015 for inflationary, ekpyrotic and anamorphic bouncing cosmologiesIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
7-Sep-2014Inflationary schismIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Loeb, Abraham
2014Isotropic band gaps, optical cavities, and freeform waveguides in hyperuniform disordered photonic solidsFlorescu, Marian; Man, Weining; Mullen, Ruth Ann; Milosevic, Milan M.; Amoah, Timothy; et al