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9-Dec-2015Electrochemical Behavior of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide in Aqueous KOH and LiOH Solutions: A Comparative StudyRus, Eric D; Moon, Geon Dae; Bai, Jianming; Steingart, Daniel A; Erdonmez, Can K
24-Apr-2015Hyper-dendritic nanoporous zinc foam anodesChamoun, Mylad; Hertzberg, Benjamin J; Gupta, Tanya; Davies, Daniel; Bhadra, Shoham; et al
2014Real-time materials evolution visualized within intact cycling alkaline batteriesGallaway, Joshua W; Erdonmez, Can K; Zhong, Zhong; Croft, Mark; Sviridov, Lev A; et al
27-Mar-2015Recent Progress on Printed Flexible Batteries: Mechanical Challenges, Printing Technologies, and Future ProspectsGaikwad, Abhinav M; Arias, Ana Claudia; Steingart, Daniel A
10-Feb-2013Reinforced Electrode Architecture for a Flexible Battery with Paperlike CharacteristicsGaikwad, Abhinav M; Chu, Howie N; Qeraj, Rigers; Zamarayeva, Alla M; Steingart, Daniel A
2015The relationship between coefficient of restitution and state of charge of zinc alkaline primary LR6 batteriesBhadra, Shoham; Hertzberg, Benjamin J; Hsieh, Andrew G; Croft, Mark; Gallaway, Joshua W; et al
2016Utilization of Hyper-Dendritic Zinc during High Rate Discharge in Alkaline ElectrolytesDavies, Greg; Hsieh, Andrew G; Hultmark, Marcus; Mueller, Michael E; Steingart, Daniel A