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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2015[CII] 158 mu m EMISSION AS A STAR FORMATION TRACERHerrera-Camus, Rodrigo; Bolatto, AD; Wolfire, MG; Smith, JD; Croxall, KV; et al
Jan-2019Comprehensive comparison of models for spectral energy distributions from 0.1 mu m to 1mm of nearby star-forming galaxiesHunt, LK; De Looze, Ilse; Boquien, M; Nikutta, R; Rossi, A; et al
Mar-2015Heating and cooling of the neutral ISM in the NGC 4736 circumnuclear ringVan Der Laan, TPR; Armus, L; Beirao, P; Sandstrom, Karin M.; Groves, B; et al
1-Aug-2016THE IONIZED GAS IN NEARBY GALAXIES AS TRACED BY THE [N II] 122 AND 205 mu m TRANSITIONSHerrera-Camus, Rodrigo; Bolatto, A; Smith, JD; Draine, Bruce T.; Pellegrini, Eric W.; et al
20-Aug-2017The Origins of [C II] Emission in Local Star-forming GalaxiesCroxall, KV; Smith, JD; Pellegrini, Eric W.; Groves, B; Bolatto, A; et al
1-Mar-2012RESOLVING THE FAR-IR LINE DEFICIT: PHOTOELECTRIC HEATING AND FAR-IR LINE COOLING IN NGC 1097 AND NGC 4559Croxall, Kevin V; Smith, JD; Wolfire, MG; Roussel, H; Sandstrom, KM; et al
11-Aug-2015Spatially resolved Spitzer-IRS spectral maps of the superwind in M82Beirao, P; Armus, L; Lehnert, MD; Guillard, P; Heckman, T; et al
1-Feb-2017Thermal Pressure in the Cold Neutral Medium of Nearby GalaxiesHerrera-Camus, Rodrigo; Bolatto, A; Wolfire, M; Ostriker, Eve C.; Draine, Bruce T.; et al
Jul-2016Towards universal hybrid star formation rate estimatorsBoquien, M; Kennicutt, R; Calzetti, D; Dale, D; Galametz, M; et al