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23-Nov-2015Complex functionality with minimal computation: Promise and pitfalls of reduced-tracer ocean biogeochemistry modelsGalbraith, Eric D; Dunne, John P; Gnanadesikan, Anand; Slater, Richard D; Sarmiento, Jorge L; et al
3-Nov-2015Distal and proximal controls on the silicon stable isotope signature of North Atlantic Deep Waterde Souza, Gregory F; Slater, Richard D; Hain, Mathis P; Brzezinski, Mark A; Sarmiento, Jorge L
26-Oct-2011Interhemispheric gradient of atmospheric radiocarbon reveals natural variability of Southern Ocean windsRodgers, Keith B; Mikaloff-Fletcher, Sara E; Bianchi, Daniele; Beaulieu, Claudie; Galbraith, Eric D; et al
12-Sep-2017Mechanistic Drivers of Reemergence of Anthropogenic Carbon in the Equatorial PacificZhai, Ping; Rodgers, Keith B; Griffies, Stephen M; Slater, Richard D; Iudicone, Daniele; et al
1-Mar-2014Response of the Ocean Natural Carbon Storage to Projected Twenty-First-Century Climate ChangeBernardello, Raffaele; Marinov, Irina; Palter, Jaime B; Sarmiento, Jorge L; Galbraith, Eric D; et al
8-Dec-2015Role of Mesoscale Eddies in Cross-Frontal Transport of Heat and Biogeochemical Tracers in the Southern OceanDufour, Carolina O; Griffies, Stephen M; de Souza, Gregory F; Frenger, Ivy; Morrison, Adele K; et al
18-Apr-2016When can ocean acidification impacts be detected from decadal alkalinity measurements?Carter, Brendan R; Frölicher, Thomas L; Dunne, John P; Rodgers, Keith B; Slater, Richard D; et al