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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2014Improved Rank Bounds for Design Matrices and a New Proof of Kelly's TheoremDvir, Zeev; Saraf, Shubhangi; Wigderson, Avi
2014Lower Bounds for Approximate LDCsBriƫt, Jop; Dvir, Zeev; Hu, Guangda; Saraf, Shubhangi
2019On the Number of Ordinary Lines Determined by Sets in Complex SpaceBasit, Abdul; Dvir, Zeev; Saraf, Shubhangi; Wolf, Charles
2017Superquadratic Lower Bound for 3-Query Locally Correctable Codes over the RealsDvir, Zeev; Saraf, Shubhangi; Wigderson, Avi
2014Sylvester-Gallai Type Theorems for Approximate CollinearityAi, Albert; Dvir, Zeev; Saraf, Shubhangi; Wigderson, Avi
2011Tight Lower Bounds for 2-query LCCs over Finite FieldsBhattacharyya, Arnab; Dvir, Zeev; Shpilka, Amir; Saraf, Shubhangi
2016Tight lower bounds for linear 2-query LCCs over finite fieldsBhattacharyya, Arnab; Dvir, Zeev; Saraf, Shubhangi; Shpilka, Amir