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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2011Competitive privacy in the smart grid: An information-theoretic approachSankar, Lalitha; Kar, Soummya; Tandon, Ravi; Poor, H Vincent
Sep-2013Discriminatory Lossy Source Coding: Side Information PrivacyTandon, Ravi; Sankar, Lalitha; Poor, H Vincent
9-Jul-2012Distributed estimation in multi-agent networksSankar, Lalitha; Poor, H Vincent
Oct-2015Enabling Data Exchange in Two-Agent Interactive Systems Under Privacy ConstraintsBelmega, E Veronica; Sankar, Lalitha; Poor, H Vincent
Jul-2011Multi-user privacy: The Gray-Wyner system and generalized common informationTandon, Ravi; Sankar, Lalitha; Vincent Poor, H
20-Sep-2012Smart Meter Privacy: A Theoretical FrameworkSankar, Lalitha; Rajagopalan, SR; Mohajer, Soheil; Poor, HV
Oct-2011Smart meter privacy: A utility-privacy frameworkRajagopalan, S Raj; Sankar, Lalitha; Mohajer, Soheil; Poor, H Vincent
19-Mar-2013Utility-Privacy Tradeoffs in Databases: An Information-Theoretic ApproachSankar, Lalitha; Rajagopalan, S Raj; Poor, H Vincent