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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2020Evolving Graphical Planner: Contextual Global Planning for Vision-and-Language NavigationDeng, Zhiwei; Narasimhan, Karthik; Russakovsky, Olga
2019Human uncertainty makes classification more robustPeterson, Joshua; Battleday, Ruairidh; Griffiths, Thomas; Russakovsky, Olga
Mar-2018The More You Look, the More You See: Towards General Object Understanding Through Recursive RefinementWang, Jingyan; Russakovsky, Olga; Ramanan, Deva
2020REVISE: A Tool for Measuring and Mitigating Bias in Visual DatasetsWang, Angelina; Narayanan, Arvind; Russakovsky, Olga
2019SpatialSense: An Adversarially Crowdsourced Benchmark for Spatial Relation RecognitionYang, Kaiyu; Russakovsky, Olga; Deng, Jia
Jan-2020Towards fairer datasets: filtering and balancing the distribution of the people subtree in the ImageNet hierarchyYang, Kaiyu; Qinami, Klint; Li, Fei-Fei; Deng, Jia; Russakovsky, Olga
2020Towards Fairness in Visual Recognition: Effective Strategies for Bias MitigationWang, Zeyu; Qinami, Klint; Karakozis, Ioannis C; Genova, Kyle; Nair, Prem; et al
2020Towards Unique and Informative Captioning of ImagesWang, Zeyu; Feng, Berthy; Narasimhan, Karthik; Russakovsky, Olga