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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Accurate tremor locations from coherent S and P wavesArmbruster, John G; Kim, Won-Young; Rubin, Allan M
27-Oct-2012Complex characteristics of slow slip events in subduction zones reproduced in multi-cycle simulationsColella, Harmony V; Dieterich, James H; Richards-Dinger, Keith; Rubin, Allan M
May-2014Compound earthquakes on a bimaterial interface and implications for rupture mechanicsWang, Enning; Rubin, Allan M; Ampuero, Jean-Paul
14-Aug-2015Critical evaluation of state evolution laws in rate and state friction: Fitting large velocity steps in simulated fault gouge with time-, slip-, and stress-dependent constitutive lawsBhattacharya, Pathikrit; Rubin, Allan M; Bayart, Elsa; Savage, Heather M; Marone, Chris
10-Jul-2017Does fault strengthening in laboratory rock friction experiments really depend primarily upon time and not slip?Bhattacharya, Pathikrit; Rubin, Allan M; Beeler, Nicholas M
4-Mar-2014Frictional response to velocity steps and 1-D fault nucleation under a state evolution law with stressing-rate dependenceBhattacharya, Pathikrit; Rubin, Allan M
28-Jan-2016High-resolution images of tremor migrations beneath the Olympic Peninsula from stacked array of arrays seismic dataPeng, Yajun; Rubin, Allan M
24-Apr-2015High-resolution imaging of rapid tremor migrations beneath southern Vancouver Island using cross-station cross correlationsPeng, Yajun; Rubin, Allan M; Bostock, Michael G; Armbruster, John G
Dec-2013Imaging slow slip fronts in Cascadia with high precision cross-station tremor locationsRubin, Allan M; Armbruster, John G
30-Dec-2016Intermittent tremor migrations beneath Guerrero, Mexico, and implications for fault healing within the slow slip zonePeng, Yajun; Rubin, Allan M
Jul-2013Laterally propagating slow slip events in a rate and state friction model with a velocity-weakening to velocity-strengthening transitionHawthorne, Jessica C; Rubin, Allan M
19-Aug-2015Magnitudes and moment-duration scaling of low-frequency earthquakes beneath southern Vancouver IslandBostock, Michael G; Thomas, Amy M; Savard, Genevieve; Chuang, Lindsay; Rubin, Allan M
18-Jul-2017A microscopic model of rate and state friction evolutionLi, Tianyi; Rubin, Allan M
11-Jan-2017On corner frequencies, attenuation, and low-frequency earthquakesBostock, Michael G; Thomas, Amanda M; Rubin, Allan M; Christensen, Nikolas I
22-Feb-2013Short-time scale correlation between slow slip and tremor in CascadiaHawthorne, Jessica C; Rubin, Allan M
6-Sep-2018Simulating Short-Term Evolution of Slow Slip Influenced by Fault Heterogeneities and TidesPeng, Yajun; Rubin, Allan M
22-Feb-2013Tidal modulation and back-propagating fronts in slow slip events simulated with a velocity-weakening to velocity-strengthening friction lawHawthorne, Jessica C; Rubin, Allan M